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I love this crazy group of people!! They are so fun, crazy talented and surrendered servants of God! I already miss the jammin jellies 😭 but so thankful for the chance to hang out and worship with these favorites!! #agifna2014 (at JAM and the gang )

Words can’t express how proud I am to be Alvin Thomas’s little sister! Congrats on graduating from W&L and here’s to Johns Hopkins!! Thanks for always letting me tag along and being the best role model a sister could ask for. I love you chacha! #wlu14 (at Washington and Lee University )

I know it’s a little late…but my mommy deserves a social media shout out! I love you so much mommy!! I wish I could be there to celebrate you and give you all the hugs and ummas! I have come to see how much you sacrifice and love our family. I wouldn’t be making it through college without our phone calls! God’s brought our relationship so far, we’ve gone from fighting daily to laughing and praying together. Thank you for everything mummy!!❀️

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